I have installed the Cudo Miner Windows app but my GPU is not detected?

A common reason for this could be your application settings. By default ‘Third Party Miners’ are turned off as they require your consent to be enabled. Please read the full third-party disclaimer before enabling them and make sure you understand and accept the risks.

Enabling third-party miners gives you access to more workloads that could be supported with your hardware. If your GPU is undetected on the first installation it could be because the default workloads enabled are not supported and require third-party miners to be turned on to try more workloads with your device.

Third-party miners can be turned on in configuration settings via the console or the settings tab via the desktop application.

Desktop application settings:

Console configuration

If you have third-party miners enabled already, please make sure all Cudo Miner folders are whitelisted with your Anti-virus software more info here: How to whitelist Cudo Miner in your Antivirus/Antimalware tool on Windows? and also try updating or rolling back your drivers.