Will Cudo Miner affect my computer's performance?

  • The performance of your device is subject to the workload assigned to it. A workload refers to both everyday activities such as gaming, web browsing and other tasks you might be performing on your device, as well as the Cudo Miner workload, where the GPU and/or CPU perform the task of hashing.

  • To begin with, Cudo does not recommend mining while other process-intensive applications run on the device. This will lead to performance issues and instabilities as the processing units can get overwhelmed under constant max usage.

  • Due to the failure mechanisms implemented all over the device, it is not possible for Cudo Miner to damage your device if you e.g. choose to apply overclocking values.

  • It is also worth noting another important factor which is temperature control, as cooler devices will be able to perform optimally for longer.

  • CPU mining: we observed that the miner engages the CPU for a little over 50% of it’s available processing power, leaving space for other smaller tasks such as web browsing, media consumption and other less processing hungry applications.

  • GPU mining: by default, the miner will engage your device for anywhere from 75% to 100%. This does not leave space for many other processes to go through the GPU.