Network-based miner auto-enrolment

For miners with multiple rigs to provision, we provide two network-based mechanisms to automatically enroll a new Cudo Miner installation into an organization.

This allows the first login screen to be bypassed, placing the ring into the miner’s organization, and therefore making it centrally manageable in the Cudo web console without physical interaction during the first run.

For users of Cudo Miner on Linux, Windows, macOS, and our own Cudo Miner Bare-metal appliance, we offer a DNS-based enrolment. Additionally, only on the bare-metal platform, we also offer a DHCP-based enrolment.

Auto-enrolment via DNS

Simply create a DNS TXT record called ‘miner’ in the local domain (or any other configured search domain) that is used by the rig.

Use the format 'miner:autoenrol org=orgname' for the TXT record, where ‘orgname’ is the same organisation login username you would normally type into the miner, which can be found on the Web Console in the settings section.

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