How to register an account

To register an account, you can either visit the sign-up page or click on / copy+paste the following link:

Once on the sign-in page, click on any of the 3 options available for signing in - Google, Microsoft or Email.

If you choose either of the first 2 options - Google or Microsoft - a new page will open.
Once on the new page, choose the relevant account you want to use for signing up for Cudo Miner

If you do not have an account, this will trigger the sign-up process.
If you have an account, you will be signed in to your account.

If you choose to sign in with email, all you need to fill up is 3 details - your email address first, then your name and a password of your choosing.

We hope this article was helpful to you and we hope you enjoy our services as a Cudo Miner user.