How do I set up my ASIC on the Cudo Pool?

The process of connecting to the pool might look different depending on the firmware and antminer you are using, but the pool and worker details are the same for all the antminers. If in doubt, please consult the manufacturer’s indications on how to connect to a mining pool.


  • Powered on antminer
  • Network-attached antminer
  • Configuration edit access

We recommend you test a small batch of antminers before deploying the change to your entire fleet. Point, for example, 3 antminers to the Cudo Pool, then confirm the change was successful by checking the Worker page on the console. If the test devices show up there, you can then deploy the change on all of your antminers.

Pool details

The following details need to be addressed on the antminer config page:

Set your pool address

E.g. Pool 1: stratum+tcp://

Worker Name: o:yourorgId:n:workerName

Password: x

Please make sure you check the list of available coins and their respective address on our console. Use the address that is relevant in your case.

For your org Id, please navigate to your organisation page on the console and check the browserlink where it says “orgId=xxxxxx”. Use the number displayed after the = sign to point your divide to the correct organisation. If the address is not correct, the records will not be distributed to the correct organisation, so please practise caution.

You may choose to set a different address as a 2nd or 3rd fallback option or set the same Cudo Pool address as in the case of your primary pool. This is a choice you will have to make.

Make sure to save the changes. Your antminers are now pointing towards the Cudo Pool.