How can I increase my Virtual RAM?

If your system lacks RAM capacity for the mining software, this can be compensated with the storage capacity by setting the system virtual RAM.

Please note that while most mining software will require a minimum of 16GB system RAM, not all mining algorithms require extra RAM to be made available.

e.g. At the time of writing, for mining Ethereum: for a system with 1 GTX 1080 Ti, and 8 GB RAM, the recommended amount of RAM would be 12.6 GB. In this case, virtual memory should be set to around the 13 GB mark.

When mining on a rig that contains more than one GPU, you might need to increase the available RAM for general system processing, housing/copying the DAG file and random workload spikes. As a recommendation, you should allocate 4 to 8 GB of RAM for your system plus the DAG file size. Note that in the case of the DAG size, this will have to be multiplied by the number of GPUs in the mining rig.

We also don’t recommend using an SSD or flash memory for this, as it may damage their lifespan.

Virtual RAM can easily be set up using the Microsoft provided guide and can be found at the link below:

Please note it is not always recommended to change this setting.