How can I add labels to my device?

You probably noticed at this point the Labels feature on the web console.

If you do not know what I am talking about and have just stumbled upon this article, let me explain quick:

  • By clicking on your device in the Devices list, a number of boxes can be seen on the screen. The Labels feature can be noticed in the Details box.

So you noticed the Labels feature, but what does it do?

  • In the case of users with several devices connected to the platform, Labels help to filter the list of devices displayed on the console at one time.

Create labels:

  • Navigate to the labels page. The Labels tab can be seen in the drop-down Management menu.

  • Once on the Labels page, click on the Create Label button.

  • This will pop a box where you can specify the details of the label. Once the details are inserted and complying to your level of satisfaction, click the Create button to create the label.

When done, the label will appear in the list.

Assigning Labels:

Navigate to the Devices page. Click on your device of choice.
On the page, click on Labels and a drop down menu will show all the labels created. Choose the relevant label and click on it. Choose as many labels as you see fit.

Congrats, your device has labels now. Happy mining!