GPU overclocking - Overview


Cudo Miner supports global GPU settings, meaning the same settings can be applied to all mining algorithms at once, as well as individual GPU overclocking settings for each algorithm. This means that when it automatically switches to the most profitable coin it will also apply your custom settings to your GPUs to maximise hash rate or maximise power efficiency. Note that we do not have yet an option for applying overclocking settings per GPU, in the case of mining rigs with multiple GPUs. The settings will be applied globally to all GPUs.

Any overclocking setting will attempt to be applied to all discrete GPUs in the system, so overclocking rigs with a mix of GPU models (e.g. a rig with GTX 1060s and GTX 1080s) may have unexpected results

Disclaimer! We do not recommend overclocking as it may result in damage to your hardware and may void your warranty. Before overclocking your device make sure you fully understand what your GPUs are capable of and what each setting does.

Support - Overclocking is currently available on the following platform configurations:

  • Windows - Nvidia/AMD
  • Linux - Nvidia/AMD

If you wish you explore this option, you can do so by navigating to the Configurations page on the console or Settings page on the desktop app.

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