GPU overclocking - How it works

How it works

Overclocking settings can be found in the Configurations page within the Management menu tab.

  • Once you arrive on the page, click on the Default configuration or Create configuration. This will navigate you to the configuration settings page.
  • On there you can toggle the Overclocking switch On to enable this feature.
  • Click on any of the configuration options relevant to your hardware e.g. AMD - Linux. This will bring you to the page with all of the supported workloads and minable coins.
  • Here you can choose to apply individual settings by clicking on each workload separately or you can assign global settings by clicking on the Default hardware settings option.

Each workload will have a different set of settings available. The following options are available for setting global values:

  • GPU core clock offset (MHz)
  • Memory Clock Offset (MHz)
  • Power Limit (%)
  • GPU core voltage
  • GPU memory optimization
  • Fan Speed (%)
  • Auto Overclock (Amd & Ethash only)
  • Memory Timings

Overclocking values are only applied when the particular algorithm finishes its run. Cudo Miner will then attempt to apply your GPUs default settings. If you haven’t entered overclocking values for a particular algorithm when the algorithm runs Cudo Miner won’t attempt to set any overclocking settings.

For monitoring purposes you may wish to use other overclocking tools, but It is not recommended to apply settings while Cudo Miner is mining. However while it is stopped you can use an external tool. If you use your computer for gaming you may want to save any presets in your external overclocking tool as Cudo Miner will overwrite your settings.