File-based miner auto-enrolment

For miners with multiple rigs to provision, we provide a file-based mechanism to automatically enrol a new Cudo Miner installation into an organisation.

This allows the first login screen to be bypassed, placing the rig into the miner’s organisation, and therefore making it centrally manageable in the Cudo web console without physical interaction during the first run.

This feature is exclusively available on our own CudoOS platform when run directly from a USB stick. To do a file-based miner auto-enrolment, complete the following steps:

  • Prepare a CudoOS run-from-USB flash drive using the instructions at as normal.
  • After the USB flash drive is written, plug it into a computer running Windows. Note that Windows may complain that it doesn’t recognise some of the partitions on the drive. This is normal, and you should not choose to format these partitions, as this would overwrite CudoOS.
  • You will see a new drive of size approximately 10MB having the volume label “cudoosseed”. Open this.

  • You will see one file called “autoenrol.txt” on the drive. Open this. Do not be concerned if Windows had created other things such as Recycle Bin on the drive, as CudoOS will safely ignore any other files and folders.

  • You will see that the file contains an empty configuration with a number of parameters. Similar to what is shown in the below screenshot, fill in only the “org” parameter, using the same organisation login username you would normally type into the miner, which can be found on the Cudo web console, in the settings section.

  • Save the file, and safely eject the flash drive from the computer.
  • Assuming that your mining rig is already set up to boot from USB, you should now be able to plug the flash drive in and power on the rig.
  • After the rig has finished booting up from the flash drive, you should be able to find and manage it from the Cudo web console.