Are there any Cudo Miner specific commands I can run?

CudoOS is based on the Linux kernel. As such, many of the Linux specific commands should be available to run fine, but for Cudo Miner specific commands, please run the following command:

  • cudominercli

Running this command provides an output with further instructions on the Cudo Miner commands:

Usage: Cudo Miner [options] [command]

-nc, --no-color disable terminal colors
-V, --version output the version number
-h, --help output usage information

enable - start mining jobs
disable- stop mining jobs
restart - restart mining jobs
ps [options] - list active mining jobs
hardware - list hardware processors
benchmarks [options] - list device benchmarks
history - list workload history
login - login and mine for an organization
logout - logout of the current organization
org [options] - get the current organization
info [options] - get worker information
logs [options] - get worker logs
config [options] [key] [value] - manage the worker configuration
actions: view, get, set, delete
reload - reload worker configuration
reset [options] - reset worker configurations